Brand Pillars

1: Personalized Experience

When dealing with a KATA member, you are dealing with a dedicated partner that you know and that you can reach. You are sure that you are dealing with someone determined to deliver value and build a personal relationship to meet your travel needs.

2: Quality Service

KATA members are travel professionals with relevant experience, training and knowledge. This ensures that as a consumer, you receive expert advice at all times thus enhancing your travel experience.

3: Peace of mind

KATA members manage all aspects of the traveler′s trip. They issue air tickets, process visas, book accommodation, offer travel insurance, arrange for transport or car rental and more; thus making your travel for business or pleasure a stress free experience.

4: Best Value For Money

KATA members advise consumers on all available routes, fares, special promotions and the quality and value of a travel product. By giving consumers a wide variety of travel options and quotes from competing travel suppliers, our members ensure that you get the best value for money.

5: Trust

KATA members have put their credibility on the line by belonging to an organization that prescribes to a strict Code of Conduct and Professional Standards. The code serves to protect consumers, therefore when using a KATA member, consumers can be assured that they are dealing with a credible and ethical company.

6: Consumer Advocate

Flight Disruptions and baggage problems are just a few inconveniences that a consumer can experience when travelling by air. Though these cases are minimal, KATA members are always on high alert to ensure minimum impact on clients travel. They will re-route you, arrange your accommodation and follow up with travel partners to get issues solved.