KATA engages with Mombasa Travel Agents

August 13, 2019 / Comments (0)


The Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA) this week hosted Mombasa Travel Agents at the Royal Court hotel sponsored by Travelport.

Top on the agenda at the meeting was IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) and the New Generation IATA Settlement Scheme NEWGEN ISS that is set to be introduced in Kenya on 16th October this year.  KATA members got to interact with both organisations while learning about the new trends in the travel market today.

The program, that has already been rolled out in several countries in the world including neighbouring Uganda and Tanzania was launched by IATA to deliver faster, safer and more cost effective and relevant financial settlement services and solutions to airlines and travel agents that rely on the IATA Settlement Systems (ISS).

In his opening remarks, KATA Chairman Mr. Mohammed Wanyoike emphasised on the need to stay up to date as the industry is progressive.

Speaking during the event was Travelport Regional Product Manager, Brent Mc.Laren who took the Travel Agents through a session on New Distribution Capability Program (NDC).

NDC was launched by IATA as a communication protocol for the travel industry. NDC is a travel industry- supported program that enhances the capability of communications between airlines and agents.

Mr. Mc.Laren urged the Travel Agents to take time to learn and stay updated on the ever changing technological changes which is meant to grow the industry rather than the general perception that technology is here to disrupt the travel business.

Also speaking during the event, KATA CEO Mr. Nicanor Sabula took agents through the NewGen ISS for the travel agents explaining the process in full detail.

He also unpacked the New IATA’s Resolution 812 that is replacing the current Resolution 818g.

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