Hahn Air initiates NDC platform, issues first NDC ticket.

August 24, 2019 / Comments (0)


Hahn Air, a German scheduled charter airline which distributes services to other airlines has launched its NDC platform.

The company is increasing its array of products for partner airlines and travel agencies with a solution driven by IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard.

To mark the launch, the German airline and ticketing specialist welcomed its first passengers holding NDC-enabled Hahn Air tickets on one of its scheduled flights from Luxembourg to Dusseldorf on August 16, 2019.

“As Hahn Air today supports travel agencies in 190 markets and airlines of any size and business model, we carefully developed a scalable solution that meets the needs of all our current and future partners in a changing airline industry,” said Christopher Allison, Head of NDC at Hahn Air.

“We are leveraging on the expertise we have acquired during our 20 years of being the leader in airline distribution solutions, as well as our involvement in the IATA activities driving and developing the NDC standard from the very beginning,” says Christopher Allison

Christopher adds that Hahn Air has been actively participating in several IATA committees and it is currently holding the chair position of the NDC Orders Group, as well as a seat on the Shop-Order Board and the Architecture and Technology Strategy Board.

The airline’s NDC platform is expected to benefit partner airlines and travel agents in several ways. The airlines can add an additional distribution channel hence extending their global customer base irrespective of if they are already NDC capable or not. They can also join the world of NDC by using Hahn Air’s NDC platform without having to develop their own solution. This will enable them to save time, money and resources and don’t have to deal with the complexity of the new standard.

Travel agents will also benefit from this platform as they can easily connect to Hahn Air’s NDC platform regardless of the system they are using. Travel agencies can also continue to use their preferred forms of payment in almost any market such as cash, credit cards and transactions via BSP with the respective forms of payment.

Any airline with an NDC interface will be able to capitalize on Hahn Air’s new NDC solution whether it is an existing Hahn Air partner airline or not. This includes access to Hahn Air’s network of connected agencies and aggregators, with an option to make additional connections to the airlines’ preferred agency partners. The new NDC platform is powered by 2e Systems, a software development company specializing in web, mobile and communications solutions for the airline industry. 

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