Airlines Reportedly Consider Weighing Passengers to Conserve Fuel

September 7, 2019 / Comments (0)


A new report claims airlines could be considering the idea of weighing passengers before they board flights to better estimate how much fuel is needed for each specific journey.

According to The Sun, European airlines are considering the cost-cutting measure to help save money and lower carbon emissions, as the current method of estimating fuel usage is based on the gender-weight ratio of passengers onboard.

The current process is an inexact science that bases weight estimates on gender, with males counted as 189 pounds, females as 154 pounds and children as 77 pounds. Research shows this method results in more wasted fuel.

The company proposing the weighing system, Fuel Matrix, said airlines burn between 0.3 and 0.5 percent more fuel due to the extra weight of carrying the unnecessary fuel. By reducing the cost, carriers could save as much as $1.35 billion worldwide.

Fuel Matrix officials said the company is in negotiations with “several long-haul airlines” in the United Kingdom about the possible implementation of the weighing system. The measurements would be taken via discreet pressure pads and would remain confidential.

“Our patented technologies are relevant to both airports and airlines in reducing fuel burn, CO2 emissions and carbon footprints,” Fuel Matrix COO Nick Brasier told The Sun. “Our discussions in the sector continue to progress well, and we’ll be pleased to provide a more detailed update in the coming months.”


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