KATA flags off team on a Mt Kenya Charity Climb

November 23, 2019 / Comments (0)


The Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA) CEO Mr. Nicanor Sabula today morning flagged off a team heading to Mt Kenya on a charity climb.

KATA, the main sponsors of the event, raised funds during the KATA 2019 Annual Convention through its members and raised Ksh 100, 000 for the Tin Roof Foundation.

“It is with great pleasure that we get to participate in this noble cause. We are assured that the funds will be put in good use in support of the various associations Tin Roof Foundation supports,” Mr. Sabula said.

Mr. Shawn Koonce, the President, Tin Roof Foundation stated that the funds raised by the KATA members will be donated to the foundation to support its youth volunteering and development programme, ‘Simply Do Good’.

The contributions, he added, will be invested in expanding the Simply Do Good programme to over 20 campuses in 2020. This, he maintained, will help to create a new generation of leaders in Kenya who have integrity, a passion for community service, aligning well with the KATA Future Leaders Initiative.

“This year KATA has sponsored a significant portion of the Mt Kenya charity climb which due to its multi-charity involvement sends a strong message on the partnership, collaboration and empowering young leaders to take initiative and make an impact in their communities,” Mr Koonce said.

He further said, “through your support, KATA will be boosting a total of six organisations working in areas including maternal health, women and youth empowerment, education, youth leadership and sports development. We believe the multi-organisational climb message of “We can rise together” is one that resonates with KATA’s ethos.

KATA welcomed the opportunity to be a part of Simply Do Good community service projects alongside the young people sponsored.

As he flagged off the team from the KATA offices in Westlands, Mr Sabula thanked them for the collaboration and wished them a safe climb atop Mt Kenya.


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