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January 9, 2020 / Comments (1)


For most of us, 2020 is going to be a turning point. Because it’s another chance to live tomorrow over again. A chance to reset, to decide what is important and what is worth working for.

As we welcome the new decade, we also reflect on the past year.  It is clear that 2019 has presented some huge challenges for our industry. We realized a slow growth of under 2%, at the back drop of a slowing local economy and an uncertain global landscape with happenings e.g. trade wars, terrorism, political unrest, climate change and the disruption created by technology and innovations.

However, looking forward, customers continue to be committed to travelling and exploring new experiences, new markets and new opportunities. Our readiness to respond to these new trends in the market will drive the Members success.

We are devoting this year to KATA’s strategic plan implementation, growing the Members business through strategic partnerships and collaborations, while playing a key role on the Vision 2030 alignment with the KATA mandate.  Additionally, we shall focus extensively on developing business intelligence tools that will provide interactive quantitative data on industry drivers for purposes of informing the Members business strategies.

To strengthen the competitive edge for KATA in 2020, it is important that we engage together in the positioning of KATA as the most TRUSTED travel association in the industry. Consumer confidence is essential to sustaining the growth of healthy passenger bookings for our members.

The future has a way of showing up whether we ask for it or not, and it pays to be ready for it. To help KATA to prepare effectively for 2020, we need your feedback on the services we provide and areas you will be requiring additional support or facilitation. We shall be conducting a Member Survey, and we count on your proactive and honest responses, towards delivering on your expectations.

Finally, on behalf of everyone at KATA, I would like to wish you, your families and colleagues a happy, healthy and remarkable 2020.


Agnes Mucuha,

Chief Executive Officer,

Kenya Association of Travel Agents


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Message from the CEO

  1. Geetha Sathyamoorthy. says:

    Dear Ms.Agnes,
    Congratulation on your new assignment!
    All the very best .
    Geetha Sathyamoorthy.

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