Emirates reactivates automation of refunds on BSP

July 25, 2020 / Comments (0)


Effective 01 August 2020, Emirates will reactivate automated refunds via BSP in all GDS, as per the previous process prior to deactivation in March 2020.


This reactivation will enable trade partners process the refund of tickets and EMDs directly via the BSP link.


To address questions, around the change in process, See the below FAQ’s.


Frequently asked questions;

Q: Can an agent process refund through GDS, if Refund Application (RA) is submitted and “pending” status in BSP?

A: Yes, agent should delete RA in BSP and process refund through GDS.


Q: Can the airline (EK) process a Refund Application (RA) through BSP, if an agent has submitted RA and has not processed the refund in GDS?

A: Yes, airline (EK) will process RA in BSP


Q: What happens if the GDS refund has been processed and the Refund Application (RA) not deleted in BSP by agent?

A: Airline (EK) will reject RA in BSP


Q: What happens if incorrect refund is processed by agent?

A: Airline (EK) will raise ADM for incorrect claim of refund (including ADM fee).


Q: What happens if duplicate refunds are processed by agent and airline (EK)?

A: Airline (EK) will raise ADM to recover excess claim of refund.


If your question is not answered here please contact your local Emirates Sales Team for assistance.


Source: Emirates Team

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