KATA partners with Dubai in readiness for travelers

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The Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA) in partnership with Dubai Tourism hosted an interactive session with travel agents on 6th August 2020 with discussions around the Products and services available in Dubai for travel agents, updates on post-covid-19 measures, entry requirements, safety stamp, assured properties and procedures & Insights on growing your business to Dubai efficiently with DTCM tools.

Stella Ibiene Obinwa, Dubai Tourism, Director International Operations said that they were leveraging on the partnership with KATA to ensure that more Kenyans visit Dubai.

As of 2nd August, the UAE had conducted over 5.1 million tests with the percent of positive tests below 1% and is ranked 6th globally for Covid-19 testing. The safety and security measures adopted by Dubai’s authorities to safeguard the residents and visitors are among the stringent and sophisticated taken worldwide.

While giving her opening remarks Ms. Agnes Mucuha, CEO of KATA said, “As an Association we have benefited a lot from the partnership we’ve had with Dubai Tourism over the years. This webinar is definitely what our members need as the travel industry opens up and adaption to the new normal is a must”.

“If you want to grow your business, and make the most out of things that are free to you. The way to go is to be a registered member of KATA. There is a lot we do with KATA and there is a lot that KATA does for Dubai Tourism in terms of pushing out information. Of all the travel agent associations in Africa that we interact with KATA is by far one of the strongest.” Opined Ms. Stella Obinwa.

Also speaking at the webinar, KATA Board Chairman Mr. Mohammed Wanyoike thanked Dubai Tourism for the partnership and for organizing the platform for engagement and discussions around travel to UAE.

He acknowledged that Dubai is most likely to be busiest destination in Africa as the travel resumption takes place worldwide and “as KATA we are looking forward to harness this opportunity” he added.

Dubai re-opened on 7th July, welcoming travelers to the city with safety and health measures put in place.

Dubai is ready to welcome visitors and has regained its vibrant energy following the reopening of attractions, facilities and amenities including public and hotel beaches, shopping malls, restaurants, swimming pools, water parks and golf courses, as well as the resumption of popular activities like water sports and camping.

From 1st of August all tourists, residents and citizens, and transit must present a valid negative PCR test valid for 96 hours upon arrival. Travelers may test at any lab accredited by their health authority in their country and are not required to translate the test.

Dubai has positioned itself as the safest destination to travel.

The Ministry of Health Prevention, National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority and the Ministry of Interior of Dubai Implemented a national disinfection program in collaboration with relevant federal and local authorities. The ‘National Disinfection Programme’ entailed a complete 24-hour sterilization programme and social distancing as response to stop the spread of the virus.

Starting 4th April 2020, the programme included all public utilities, public transport and metro services and was completed on June 24, allowing free movement all day and night, subject to compliance to precautionary measures including wearing masks and social distancing.

KATA Chief Executive Officer commended Dubai Tourism for the great webinar and the relevant information disseminated across to the members.

“You have filled us with great knowledge and challenged us to reset our brains and to take maximum advantage of the educational materials that have been provided. You have also opened our eyes to see new opportunities for fostering partnerships and grow in the space of education tourism.” Said Ms. Mucuha while giving her closing remarks.

The Association, she further added, will be looking forward to many more engagements as agreed with Dubai Tourism on other topical issues and business opportunities for the membership.

By Eve Lucky Karitu

Kenya Association of Travel Agents

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