Unvaccinated passengers to be blocked at airports

January 14, 2022 / Comments (0)


Unvaccinated Kenyans coming back to the country will not be allowed in after the expiry of a seven-day window that the aviation regulator had issued amid talks with the Ministry of Health to extend inoculation exercise for these passengers at the airport.

The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority had from December 28 allowed Kenyans who do not have Covid-19 certificate to be admitted in the country but had to undergo mandatory vaccination at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

KCAA director-general Gilbert Kibe says they are in discussion with the health officials to see if an extension on the vaccination exercise at the airport can be issued so that they would allow those without certificates to be inoculated at the port of entry.

“We are not allowing Kenyans without vaccination certificates at the moment but we are the waiting for Ministry of Health to update on the possibility of an extension,” Mr Kibe told the Business Daily.

KCAA had offered Kenyan travellers a sigh of relief in the last two weeks following a directive allowing them to fly without a vaccination certificate.

Previously, Kenya would not allow those without proof of vaccination entry and had issued a directive to the airlines not to board them.

KCAA required these individuals to register on the Chanjo platform and must have a negative Covid-19 certificate.

Source: Business Daily

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