This is open to Travel Agents licensed by the relevant Kenyan Government body to provide comprehensive Travel services but are not accredited by IATA.

The Travel Agent must have been in operation for at least one year to qualify for membership.



  1. Valid Travel License.
  2. Valid Single Business permit.
  3. KRA Pin Certificate and or Tax Compliance Certificate.
  4. Company Registration Certificate
  5. Full set of Audited Accounts for past one year.
  6. Copy of ID / Passport of the Directors. Work permits should also be included for foreign nationals.
  7. Recommendation by one IATA Accredited KATA member.

The following fees shall be payable to the Association prior to the full admission to membership.

  1. non-refundable application fee of 5,000/=
  2. Joining fee of 35,000/=
  3. Applicable annual membership subscription fees
    • 33,000/= annual membership subscription fee

Please register to start your membership process.

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