The Chairperson of TAAZ, Hamida Malik, paid a courtesy visit to KATA offices for a follow up meeting, setting the stage for a new chapter in travel collaboration. Joined by KATA’s Vice-Chairman, Mr. Hamisi Hassan, and the CEO, Agnes Mucuha, this meeting was more than a mere meeting – it was a catalyst for transformation.

Forging a Bridge Beyond Boundaries

The discussions that unfolded encapsulated the essence of unity and shared aspirations. With a shared goal to enhance travel experiences, the collaboration between KATA and TAAZ is poised to traverse beyond geographical borders. The vision is clear: to offer travelers unprecedented access to the hidden gems of Zambia, a land brimming with cultural richness and awe-inspiring landscapes.

This collaboration serves as a natural extension of KATA’s earlier dialogue with Zambia’s Minister for Tourism, further solidifying the commitment to unlocking the immense potential of cross-border travel.

This partnership promises to transform these visions into tangible, unforgettable realities. Underlying this collaboration is a profound synergy between KATA and TAAZ – an alliance that speaks of shared values, mutual respect, and a relentless passion for redefining the travel landscape.

Keep the wanderlust alive and let’s journey together toward boundless horizons. #KATAxTAAZ #KATACollaborations #KATACaters

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