1. Influencing and Representation

KATA advocates for its members through lobbying for conducive business environment as well as general representation of members in critical spaces.

KATA has represented its members in both local and international spaces like the (APJC) Agency Programme Joint Council, UFTAA where KATA seats on the Board, AESATA (Association of Eastern & Southern African Travel Agents) which is hosted by KATA among others.

2. Quality and Fair Trade

This focus area seeks to contribute to the existence of, and/or enforcement of suitable standards and ethics to promote just, fair and honourable practices and protect the common trade interests of KATA members and stakeholders.

As the National Association representing Travel Agents in Kenya and acting as the single voice of the travel trade, we are mandated to promote the highest code of ethical and professional standards of our members in their dealings with both consumers and each other.

Members of the Association are bound by a code of Ethical and Professional Standards and are liable for any professional misconduct.

3. Partnership Building

KATA focuses on linking, networking and strategic collaborations amongst members as well as with key stakeholders.

KATA has networked with both local and international organizations like AESATA (Association of Eastern & Southern African Travel Agents) and UFTAA (Universal Federation of Travel Agents Association) making connections and building enduring mutually beneficial relationships.

4. Capacity Development

KATA focuses on capacity development to enable the Association to become a dynamic and stable entity that is cost-effectively and sustainably achieving its mandate.

KATA has facilitated a number of Industry Trainings, Seminars, Annual Convention that focus on innovation and shaping the future of travel and the launch of Future Leaders Program targeting ongoing and fresh graduates from college and universities. KATA is keen on improving performance at both individual and organizational levels for the effectiveness and efficiency of the travel industry as a whole.