Amadeus launches update on web service with NDC

August 17, 2019 / Comments (0)


Amadeus has launched an updated version of its web service solution featuring enhancements which will give travel agencies worldwide access to new content and fares from Amadeus’ airline driver customers through NDC.

An XML-based transmission standard, NDC was developed by IATA with the aim of helping airlines and travel agencies deliver more personalized and differentiated travel experiences.

Amadeus Travel API integrates with travel agencies’ existing systems and allows them to build their own customized travel booking applications. The service is expected to be rolled out globally on a gradual basis.

“We are proud to be pioneering in this field, collaborating with leading travel players, and deploying truly innovative solutions for all of our customers,” said Rudy Daniello, Amadeus’ executive vice president of customer operations for its travel channels. He also said that the company had been “hard at work developing scalable, user-friendly solutions for agencies, alongside the company’s NDC partners.”

The solution will offer greater functionality for Amadeus’ travel agency customers, with features including granting access to new airline content and fares via NDC connectivity; simplified workflow of shop, order, and pay functions; cross-sell of ancillary services and up-sell of branded fares; and change and cancellation functionalities to include refund, void or exchange options.

Other features include the acceptance of both credit card and cash payments, and optimization to work across multiple interfaces. Amadeus also announced it will be launching the NDC-enabled version of its leading cloud-based travel agency solution, Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, in the coming months.


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