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With the current global pandemic there is one topic that seems to dominate the travel industry: security. When considering travel bookings, passengers want to see their personal health as well as their financial investment protected. Now more than ever, travellers are sceptical towards flying and especially sensitive towards buying tickets of airlines that they fear might eventually file for bankruptcy.

Hahn Air has the solution that offers confidence and reassurance in these uncertain times. The German airline, which specialises in providing distribution and ticketing solutions to travel agencies and airlines, introduced its insolvency protection Securtix® in 2010. This is a comprehensive compensation in case of insolvency of the operating partner carrier. Best of all, this is a free benefit that travel agents and passengers can take advantage of, when they issue any of Hahn Air’s partners on the HR-169 document. Since its introduction, Hahn Air has already issued over 42 million insolvency-safe tickets through travel agencies across 190 markets.

How does it work? In case a passenger with an HR-169 ticket is affected by the insolvency of any of Hahn Air’s over 350 partner airlines, Hahn Air and its partner Swiss Re International SE vouch for a full refund of the unused part of the ticket including taxes.

Additionally, Hahn Air offers protection for stranded passengers and guarantees to reimburse costs that might arise in such an event. This includes the difference between the original ticket price and the costs for a new ticket in the amount of up to € 125, costs for meals and hotel accommodation in the amount of up to € 75 as well as extra expenses like transfers and phone calls in the amount of up to  € 50. To claim this kind of reimbursement the insolvency must have occurred within 24 hours before departure or during a trip where the customer has already used at least one coupon. 

Hahn Air’s Vice President Agency Distribution Kimberley Long said “We want to offer that peace of mind when travel agents and respectively passengers use our services. We have been offering this comprehensive insolvency protection for over 10 years now and we are proud that Securtix® has proven to be a valuable service for our more than 100,000 travel agency partners and their clients.”

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