About the Association

 The Kenya Association of Travel Agents is the national umbrella body for Travel Agents in Kenya, with a growing membership of over 170 Travel Agencies. It is Kenya’s largest and only membership organization for travel agents. KATA transitioned from a society to a company limited by guarantee in September 2018, providing more space for growth and defending the travel trade. KATA is a member of the Universal Federation of Travel Agents’ Association (UFTAA) which represents 84 countries. It also hosts the Secretariat of the Association of Eastern and Southern African Travel Agents (AESATA).


To champion and sustain growth of Travel Industry in Kenya.


To be the leading authority on Travel Trade in Kenya.

KATA’s Core Values


We strive to be the best in everything we do. Exceeding expectations for continual improvement.


We adhere to work ethics, respect and consideration for others.


We are committed to principles of trustworthiness, honesty and reliability in order to build the credibility of the Association and its members.


We adhere to reasonable due diligence in conduct of business on behalf of members.


We foster the spirit of working together and collaborating for greater achievements.


Represent members in local and international spaces.


Lobbying for favourable policies on behalf of members.


Protect travel trade through advocacy and enforcing code of ethics and standards.


Members and association through institutional capacity building.


Networking and building partnerships with local and international organizations.

KATA Mandates