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Academic Partners

How to enroll

How are you preparing your students for the workplace? Smooth their journey into the industry and raise your institute’s profile with KATA membership. Academic membership is open to any academic institutions offering tours and travel courses and related courses. Membership connects your students with the travel industry which accords them an opportunity to tap into experience straight from the travel industry professionals. Academic members are admitted at the discretion of the Board and are not eligible to vote or attend General Meetings.

Ready to begin your membership?

Here are the requirements:

  1. Business License
  2. Company Registration Certificate.
  3. KRA Pin Certificate.
  4. IATA Accreditation (if applicable)
  5. License from the Ministry of Education


The following fees shall be payable to the Association prior to the full admission to membership as an academic partner.

  1. One time joining fee of Kes.40,000
  2. Annual membership subscription fees of Kes.33,825

Membership Benefits

  1. Opportunity to have KATA participate in the institution’s curriculum development processes.
  2. Opportunity to link the Academic Institution with internship and or industrial attachment opportunities in travel agencies.
  3. Opportunity to participate in joint research projects with both faculty and students.
  4. Students’ mentorship opportunities with captains of the industry.
  5. Enjoy up to 10% discount on events and advertisement in Association’s publications.
  6. Free listing in the annual Travel Agents guide complete with the institution’s logo.
  7. Free invitations for both students and lecturers to selected industry meetings and events.
  8. Opportunity to have senior Association officials address Travel & Tourism students every Academic year or during graduation ceremonies.
  9. Free access to the latest industry information through the Association’s communication tools such as industry meetings, newsletter, website etc.
  10. Attend our annual events and have an opportunity to promote your products and services through face-to-face interactions with KATA members. Complimentary access of one representative at events.
  11. Opportunity to contribute industry related content to the weekly KATA Newsletter.
  12. Free display of your company’s logo as a partner on the homepage of KATA’S website with a link to your website
  13. Entitlement to Academic Institutions membership recognition certificate.
  14. Free copies of KATA publications, calendars and membership stickers
  15. Display of KATA logo on the institution’s branding materials