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KATA Membership is a community of travel agents dedicated to offering hassle free travel experience to the travelling public. 

Join a Leading Community of Travel Professionals

Membership connects you with our Travel Agents, Local and International Travel Industry Partners and gives you access to benefits that help you pursue professional knowledge, advance in your career, and lead with professionalism and ethics. KATA Membership is the mark of confidence for your customer that they are dealing with an accredited travel agent.

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Working as One to Raise Industry Standards

Connect with Travel mavericks in Kenya and internationally dedicated to shaping a travel industry that serves the greater good.

Our members have increasingly become a go to source of information for many travelers who rely on their insights to make daily travel decisions. By pursuing professional knowledge, placing travelers’ interests above their own, and leading the travel industry with honesty, integrity, professionalism, and transparency, they drive the growth and professionalization of the travel trade in Kenya and in turn benefit society.

Reach Your Goals with Our Resources

No matter the size and age on your travel agency, KATA Membership helps members achieve your goals with access to Business resources and linkages, mentorship and professional learning opportunities, and networking events. Your membership connects you with like-minded professionals in the travel industry.

Benefits Tailored to Unlock Potential

Members from a wide range of the travel ecosystem expand their expertise with our resources and support.

KATA Membership will give you a great networking opportunity to share stories, tips, tools, and experiences with your industry peers. You will connect with your contemporaries in the travel industry and build professional relations with them and build strong alliances with like-minded people.

KATA is a great source of learning for its members. By leveraging e-learning technologies, and our relationship with our educational partners, we expose our members to deep industry knowledge and latest trends. You will update yourself with the latest travel trends and industry standards and adapt your business to them.

KATA Membership reassures your customers of the credibility of your business and will help you expand and have a loyal customer base. Being a KATA member gives your business a positive image in the minds of the customers and gives your potential customers a reason to choose you over your business competitors.

We lobby and work closely with the government for the benefit of our members and the travel industry to develop and implement better trade laws. We are the voice of the travel industry; we understand the challenges and issues that are faced by the travel trade players, and we are here to advocate for a positive business environment on your behalf.

This Is Your Professional Community

Whether you’re just starting your own travel agency or have been in the industry for a long-time, or somewhere in between, we are dedicated to helping you advance your business and drive confidence in the travel profession to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Become a Member

Join a community of Travel professionals today. Attain your designation as a KATA Certified Member and explore a plethora of benefits for your business.
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