KATA board committees support the Board in executing its mandates. Members of these committees include members sitting on the Board and others drawn from the general membership. A typical committee will have a membership of between 5-7 members who serve on voluntary basis. Meetings of the board committees are held quarterly unless there are compelling reasons that may force the committee to meet more frequently.

Executive Committee of the Board

The role of the Executive Committee is to implement the Board’s fiduciary, strategic plans, policies, and decisions consistent with the organization’s Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles. The Executive Committee supports the CEO and engages in decision making between Board meetings or in urgent and crisis circumstances. The Executive Committee can act on behalf of the full Board.

The Executive Committee consist of the Chairperson of the Association, Chairpersons of the Board Committees and the CEO.

The Committee Members are;

Finance, Audit & Risk Management Committee

Assists the Board in its oversight of the Association’s integrity of the financial statements, Association’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirement, assurance of effective and independent audit & risk assessment function; and performance of the Associations internal control and information technology systems.

The Committee Members are;

IATA Matters & Trade Relations Committee

Advises the Board in dealings with IATA related issues including representation at the various IATA forums. The committee will further support the Board to build and foster relations with key industry partners such government, regulatory authorities, airlines, GDS companies, training institutions, other industry associations among others.

The Committee Members are;

Membership Services & Disciplinary Committee

The committee is charged with the responsibility of managing membership related services that include recruitment, development, strengthening and disciplinary cases and handles all the consumer complaints.

The Committee Members are;