Sabre Corporation, a leading software and technology provider that powers the global travel industry, announced an agreement with leading digital vouchering platform iCoupon to enable its airline customers to enhance the passenger and crew experience during flight disruption. Using the iCoupon technology, airlines can turn passenger and staff boarding passes into vouchers that can be immediately redeemed at airport restaurants and retailers.

“Sabre has deep global expertise in minimizing the impact of airline disruption, so we’re thrilled that we will be working closely together through this new agreement,” said Richard Bye, CEO of iCoupon. “This alliance will support our global expansion plans by enabling us to offer our innovative solution to more airlines across the world, while allowing airlines to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve passenger satisfaction during times of disruption.”

Airlines around the world use Sabre’s intelligent service recovery solutions to holistically solve passenger reaccommodation challenges, including providing travellers with self-service options to enable them to effortlessly choose their own flights. iCoupon’s solution will complement Sabre’s existing technology and expertise. Eliminating the need for a physical voucher and providing an environmentally friendly solution, iCoupon’s technology enables airlines and ground handlers to remotely and instantly issue digital vouchers directly to a passenger’s boarding pass in the event of significant delays or disruption. Passengers can then instantly redeem their voucher at any iCoupon-integrated restaurant or retailer with their mobile or printed boarding pass. The solution can also be used for staff and crew meal entitlements.

“Even with the very best network plan and the most optimal scheduling, unexpected delays and disruptions happen for all sorts of reasons,” said Corrie DeCamp, Senior Vice President, Product Management for Sabre Travel Solutions. “And when a disruption does happen, passengers expect and demand instant solutions. Providing immediate compensation through unique barcodes on boarding passes that passengers already have streamlines processes for airlines while minimizing what can be a stressful situation for both passengers and airline staff. We’re delighted to be bringing our airline partners the opportunity to add iCoupon to their disruption strategies.”

SOURCE: Traveldailynews

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