After an almost four-year hiatus, South African Airways (SAA) has reintroduced its flights connecting Johannesburg and São Paulo. The reinstatement of this route signifies a pivotal moment for the airline, reestablishing crucial international connectivity between South Africa and Brazil.

As of Monday 6, the airline resumed operations on the Johannesburg-São Paulo route, utilizing the Airbus A330-300 for its service. SAA’s reservation system reflects the availability of two weekly flights to cater to travelers seeking connectivity between the two vibrant cities.

The flight schedule for this newly revived route is as follows

SA 222: Departure from Johannesburg (JNB) at 11:15, arrival at São Paulo (GRU) at 16:15.

SA 223: Departure from São Paulo (GRU) at 17:45, arrival in Johannesburg (JNB) at 07:45 the following day.

The frequency of flights on this route will be on Mondays and Thursdays, providing a convenient and consistent service for passengers eager to travel between these major destinations.

It’s important to note that this initiative is part of SAA’s efforts to expand its services and reconnect various international routes. In addition to the Johannesburg-São Paulo flights, South African Airways also offers flights to Guarulhos from Cape Town. The airline has adopted a twice-weekly schedule, deploying the same Airbus A330-300 aircraft for these operations.

The resumption of direct flights between Johannesburg and São Paulo is a significant move for South African Airways, marking the airline’s commitment to meeting the travel demands of passengers seeking connectivity and convenience between South Africa and Brazil. This reconnection not only facilitates easy travel for business and leisure but also strengthens the ties between the two vibrant nations. Stay tuned for more updates as South African Airways continues to expand and enhance its global network of flights.

Source: Airspace-Africa

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