In order to deepen economic ties and air connectivity, Uganda Airline, on Thursday, launched direct flight from Entebbe International Airport to Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Ikeja, Lagos.

Before now, air connectivity between the two countries took 10 hours but has been reduced to three and a half hours as Uganda airlines debuts in Nigeria.

Speaking at the Entebbe route launch press conference in Lagos, the chief executive officer, Uganda Airlines, Jennifer Bamuturaki, said the flight service will be three times a week and will cut travel time from 10 hours to three and half hours.

She stated that the launch of flight services to Lagos by Uganda’s national carrier would help to close the gap for travellers shuttling to the West and East African countries.

“In October 2022, I visited Nigeria and I mentioned that Uganda airlines is coming to Nigeria. I am here with profound pleasure that Uganda airlines is here exactly a year later, October 2023, as we made our maiden flight to Lagos today.

“This flight was exactly three and a half hours. We cut out close to 14 hours from Lagos to Entebbe so that means that if you are flying to Mumbai, Dubai, you don’t need to fly 10 hours just come to Entebbe in three and a half hours and be in Dubai in another four and half hours. If you are going to Mumbai, three and half hours to Entebbe, one hour in transit and another 6 hours into Mumbai so we have closed the gap between Eastern Africa countries and the West,” she said.

Source: ntm

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