Do you know how many times your team engages with a booking?

What is your conversion rate?

What should the team be working on as a priority?

The travel industry has never lacked data. It is collected at every interaction point, and stored in files in the GDS, in PNRS and post booking in the backoffice system. So how do you make all this data work for you? 

 Once you let Agentivity manage the data flowing through your agency, you’ll see exactly what is going on in your agency. You will instantly know where to improve on things in order to scale up and increase your agency’s profitability.

Besides providing insight, you can also gain control on how to manage bookings and perform quality checks to ensure you are providing the best service to your customers.

Agentivity provides a holistic view of your agency offering workload prioritisation, views on true productivity, forecasting problematic bookings quickly and identifying additional revenue opportunities. As the only real-time agency data management tool available globally, Agentivity is a unique solution.

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