Travelport Rebrands, Promises Change Under New Identity

February 25, 2021 / Comments (0)

The global travel retail platform, Travelport, on 24th February 2021 launched a bold and distinct new visual identity, which has been created as part of the company’s first ever end-to-end rebrand.

Anyone who has considered making a trip and experienced having to put that trip on hold (or making a cancellation) can now see the possibility of rescheduling their plans. While the past year has been tough for the industry, hopes for return of travel have witnessed an upsurge in 2021. Which is why Travelport is ramping up a new brand that reflects its vision for the future and a symbol of its commitment to reinventing the future of travel.

This also saw Travelport launch their “Change is for the Brave” campaign, through which they promise to double down on their efforts to offer better travel experiences in the post pandemic world. While it’s understandable that people are wondering when travel will be possible again, Travelport is pointing out that the time is actually, upon us already!

However, in the light of certain changes to the travel experience, it is also understandable why experts have suggested that better travel experience is something that can be extremely helpful when navigating post-COVID-19 travel. There are bright spots on the horizon. We see a clear increase in bookings as growing consumer confidence releases pent-up demand for travel six or more months out.

“As we embark on our bold new journey, we are committed to improving the connection between buyers and sellers who share our passion for delivering exceptional travel experiences,” read a statement from Greg Webb, CEO for Travelport.

From advanced technology check-in options and suggested travel options to vaccine information, Travelport is considered to be at the forefront of modern post-COVID travel experience. 

“We have been investing in a ground-up rebuilding of our technology. In the coming months, we will introduce our next-generation platform designed to enable more content, better retailing and the best value in the marketplace, which we believe will have an immediate, positive impact on your business,” he added.

For those who have experienced the restrictions of a lockdown environment, any efforts towards changing how we travel in the future in a safe, reliable and convenient way, is a welcome news as travel begins its new resurgence. Travelport’s services will focus on the new-normal travel realities by leveraging technology to better travel experiences for the industry.

“We believe change is for the brave; and it is bravery – the courage to try new things, embrace creative solutions, and challenge convention – that will enable Travelport and its partners to overcome recent events, accelerate industry recovery, and build a better tomorrow,” said Webb.

We also said that they will not be satisfied by simply recovering from the last year instead, Travelport is building for a future in which together with its customers, they can exceed the expectations travellers had before they were interrupted.

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