In a dazzling affair that captivated travel enthusiasts from Mombasa- Nairobi to Kisumu, the Kempinski Hotel was transformed into a portal to another world as the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism unveiled Dubai’s wonders in an unforgettable roadshow event. Nairobi played host to this spectacular event, underscoring the city’s significance as a hub of international connections.

A Grand Showcase of Dubai’s Best

With over 25 prominent companies gracing the occasion, the event transcended expectations. The venue buzzed with fervor as participants were treated to a variety of offerings from Dubai’s thriving tourism and medical sectors. Airlines, hotels, destination management companies, and entertainment providers came together to create a tapestry of Dubai’s offerings, captivating the audience’s imagination.

Partnerships Forged, Dreams Ignited

The event was not just a presentation; it was a gateway to another world. Attendees were given the chance to engage directly with Dubai’s products and services, forging partnerships and exploring collaborations. The room echoed with the voices of stakeholders, their discussions laying the foundation for fruitful future endeavors.

Excitement in the Air

A highlight of the day was the Dubai raffle, which added an element of thrill to the proceedings. Lucky winners walked away with exciting prizes, making the event not only informative but also rewarding.

Local Touch, Global Impact

KATA’s members, hailing from various corners of Kenya, added a distinctive local touch to the event. Their active participation illustrated the vibrant collaboration between Kenya and Dubai, setting the stage for a future filled with promising ventures.

This roadshow became more than an event; it became a platform for dreams to flourish and partnerships to thrive. As the sun set on the day, the promise of stronger connections and endless opportunities lingered, leaving attendees inspired and invigorated for the journeys ahead. Dubai’s allure had woven itself into the fabric of Kenya’s travel industry, leaving an indelible mark of partnership, promise, and endless possibilities.

Date: September 29, 2023 by Bryan Obala, KATA Media and Communications.

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