This collaborative initiative, generously sponsored by Travelport Kenya, brought together KATA members and travel agents from the coastal regions for a look into our value proposition offerings for our members and partners, the diverse services offered by Travelport and future plans. Our endeavor is to partner and represent our members with even greater travel options and value.
Special thanks to: Nita Nagi, the Managing Director of Travelport Kenya, who graced the event with an insightful presentation with its zenith – a vibrant Q&A session where the industry’s’ pertinent issues were fully addressed.
In the ever-dynamic world of travel, where information is currency, KATA and our partner friends stand as pioneers, guiding our members towards a future where knowledge empowers and partnerships redefine the journey.
Here’s to a workshop that wasn’t just an event; it was a strategic move towards a more empowered and resilient community of travel agents.

SOURCE: KATA Media Desk.

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