The Ethiopian Airlines Corporate Travel program is designed to let your company enjoy substantial savings through upfront discount and other benefits for your business travel.  Ethiopian Airlines is proud to provide seamless connection from five continents to more places in Africa than any other airline.  It has acquired one of the youngest fleet and state of the art aircraft including B787, B777, B737-800 new generation which enable the airline serve its clients with more comfort and reliability. It is for these and other reasons that most of our corporate clients choose Ethiopian as their preferred carrier. For further information about Ethiopian route network please click  here

About Ethiopian Airlines Corporate Travel Program

Ethiopian Corporate Travel Program provides benefits depending on the yearly travel spend on Ethiopian services . Companies with a yearly travel budget of USD 50,000 and above for its employees and affiliates can enroll in to our corporate program.  Customers can buy their tickets online, at their designated travel agent or at Ethiopian ticket offices.  The corporate program will be effective when both parties agree and sign the contract.  It is renewable at the end of the agreement period (usually a year from the effective date), based on the fulfillment of the promised travel expenditure on Eth

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