Ethiopia’s rich history is on full display during “Tir”,(“Tir” is the fifth month in the Ethiopian Calendar, which similarly hits upon January in the Gregorian Month.) with traditional weddings taking place throughout the month. Harvesting festivities abound, and horse riders flourish in their displays of skill. The diverse regions of Ethiopia each contribute their unique cultural elements – from the densely forested West to the shining camels of the East, the South resonates with the melodic songs of elephants, and the Northern mountains echo with tales of times past. The sun graces the land from dawn to dusk, illuminating the landscapes that are teeming with life. The coffee fields are abuzz with activity as farmers diligently pick the beans, a testament to Ethiopia’s status as the birthplace of coffee.

The water towers of Ethiopia proudly stand as symbols of the country’s strength and resilience, their significance deeply ingrained in the nation’s history. Ethiopia, often called as the Land of Origins, welcomes you to explore its wonders, where every cup of coffee brewed holds the timeless story of the boy Kalid.

ET-Holidays, your guide on this enchanting journey through Ethiopia, is excitingly inviting all nature lovers with a special flight package and arrangements. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the magic that Tir 2016 has to offer. Pack your bags, and let Ethiopia unfold its wonders before you.

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